The future of businesses is inclusive. Without a gender lens to comprehend the impact of business policies and practices, leadership will be unable to minimise discrimination against women in the workplaces, retain talent, increase profits and make a positive impact to India’s GDP.

To prepare future leaders, the Genpact Centre for Women’s Leadership (GCWL), in collaboration with the Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB) and Gender at Work , initiated

the pilot batch of the course, from May 14-19, 2018.

The pioneer course focused on introducing participants to the linkages between women, business, and human rights. The course, a blend of theory and practical guidance, equips participants with the skills to develop strategies and assess business operations that are consistent with international standards on women‘s rights.

Women, Business and Rights: Course Outline

  • Women’s rights & their struggle
  • Business & human rights: The contours of the relationship
  • Gender, business, and human rights: key issues
  • Applying the gender lens: Making the business case for sustainable leadership
  • Causes of gender inequality
  • Women, work and organised labour force
  • Gender-based violence as human rights issue
  • Sexual and reproductive rights at work
  • Women, and access to natural resources and impact of climate change
  • Women human right defenders
  • Women in the services sector
  • Women’s access to remedy
  • Women’s leadership & CEOs

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