Breakthrough: Back from the Bump

A clichéd question from time immemorial has been-- can a woman have it all; a successful career and a happy family life? GCWL’s Breakthrough programme attempts to change the question to– how can women have it all?

Breakthrough is a step towards finding solutions to the talent loss India faces when returning mothers exit the workforce. It is conceived as an end-to-end platform to address the re-entry barriers for returning mothers across the corporate and development sector. The programme will assist and empower returning mothers and employers through training, online resources, and support systems.

Women, Business & Rights

Let’s face it, women have always faced gender-based discrimination. Furthermore, societal structures and biases may result in gender-based discrimination that is unquantifiable and often normalized in local contexts. While an increasing number of business leaders recognize the corporate responsibility (CR) to include the rights of women and girls, greater efforts are needed to ensure the application of a gender-lens to CR efforts.

The course, Women, Business & Rights will provide students and professionals a gender lens by highlighting the impact of key business decisions on women’s rights. An equal focus will be on initiating a discourse on the specific steps that all stakeholders, including government, civil society and businesses, can take to contribute to UN’s 50-50 mission by 2030.


#CEOs4Women: The 3½ Point Pledge

GCWL has identified a multi-tiered approach to fixing the leakages in the pipeline to women’s leadership. The initiative, #CEOs4Women, a pledge campaign, is designed to seek commitment from the top leadership for improving gender parity at all levels. The pledge campaign will also lead to a CEO forum that will champion women’s equality through pragmatic strategies that strengthen workplace policies and culture.

GCWL Research

Gender data gaps are existent across various parameters including health, education, political participation, human security, and economic opportunities. Whether these are concerns about unpaid work, informal employment, scaling up, asset ownership, earnings and opportunity cost of paid work, access to financial service and child care, biases and stereotypes, women bear the brunt of all discrimination.

While the problems are known, there is a lack of actionable gender data on these parameters around the world, and more so in India. Data, though abundant with numbers, inadequate in providing causal connections on the Why’s and How’s. GCWL’s research initiatives are aimed at creating new knowledge to reduce the gender data gap, synthesizing existing research, monitoring & evaluating data and reports to inform programme strategy and communication.

Creating Equitable Career Paths for Women
Predicament of Returning Mothers