Aimed at addressing the mid-career attrition among women due to maternity, the Genpact Centre for Women’s Leadership (GCWL) is facilitating the Breakthrough training programme - a comprehensive training and learning experience for women aiming to chart a successful career trajectory post maternity. The platform extends training assistance to women from corporate and development sector, across levels, both offline and online.

The training follows through from the research findings of GCWL’s qualitative study on lived experiences of maternity and career among women and their return to workforce across. The findings were presented in the report, Predicament of Returning Mothers.

The insights in the study were arrived at through an investigation of the complex network of individual, family, social, and workplace factors that force women to leave the workforce post pregnancy and childbirth. The study also assessed initiatives taken both by the government and corporates at several levels from mentorship to maternity management programmes.

Phase 1 for the 2018 training has been successfully wrapped up. Phase 2 for Returning & Working Mothers is scheduled for October 5th & 6th, 2018.

Training Agenda | Working Mothers

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Breakthrough is designed as a comprehensive training model targeted at returning and working mothers from corporate and development sector. The training offers customised sessions for each cohort that have been created based on the needs analysis conducted by GCWL. The insights from the research have been used to design a programmatic intervention to support & empower returning and working mothers at workplaces.

Considering the significance of experience sharing, peer learning, and role models, the training is designed to facilitate interactions and engagement among the two cohorts.

Broadly, the training facilitates women to chart a career trajectory through mapping their journeys and provides them with skills and tools to re-join the workforce and have an impactful workspace presence.

The training will be conducted in a phased manner over a period of four months. Between the three phases, participants would be kept engaged through assignments and structured check-ins. All the participating women will have seven days of one-on-one training.